Escuela Adelante is a new kind of international school–one that is especially designed to fit the needs of a small town like San Juan del Sur. We believe an international education should reflect a crossroads of cultures such as that found in San Juan. The rich biodiversity, history, and heritage of Nicaragua, combined with the wealth of language, culture and enthusiasm of a combined local and expat community, present a classroom that is unequaled in scale and opportunity. We are committed to honoring the unique needs of each student – whether that means preparing for university or a successful career as an entrepreneur in San Juan del Sur. Escuela Adelante offers a path to success for each student through full time English school, intensive ESL training, or through planned programs such as mobile education. In addition, Escuela Adelante offers locally tailored fee structure and integration programs to make an Escuela Adelante education accessible and practical, as well as inspiring.