Growing Adelante

Growing Adelante is a project based learning program that explores the full cycle of food growth, harvest, consumption and disposal within the context of classwork. Across the world, all humans share the experience of planting, nurturing, harvesting, preparing or preserving, and serving food. We save seeds, recycle food waste into animal feed or compost, and finally preserve the leftover harvest for leaner times. This cycle incorporate math and science, of course, but also represents the growth of societies and shared cultural norms, is recorded and passed on via recipes and trade publications, and when we share a meal or serve food, we literally share the fruits of our labor with our friends, families and neighbors.

In San Juan del Sur, many families struggle to put a healthy meal on the table. Our program emphasizes food production techniques that honor the soil and growing environment, preserving it for future use. We teach food preservation techniques to prolong the useful life of the harvest. Even in Nicaragua, where the growing cycle is year round, preservation is useful to put a backyard mango tree, a glut of avocados, or an overabundance of milk, to maximum use. This emphasis on truly understanding the cycle of sun energy to plant, plant to animal, animal to human, and human back to the earth is critical in moving towards a world where food security is a reality for everyone.