Registration Policies and Fees

Escuela Adelante’s school year follows the Nicaraguan calendar, with small variations including a longer July break to allow for summer travel particularly for our North American and European faculty and families. Enrollment begins in October of the preceding year, but Escuela Adelante does accept rolling admissions. In order to complete registration, the following is required:


  • Identification for both parents
  • Passport or birth certificate for the student
  • Hoja de traslado, previous year’s grades, a letter of good behavior or recomendation from the previous school; and
  • Emergency contact for the student.


In addition, students must take a placement exam to verify appropriate placement, including language ability.


Registration or renewal may be denied based on failure to meet academic or behavioral expectations, including unresolved failure to follow school policies.


Registration is confirmed upon delivery of documents, satisfactory completion of placement exams, payment of a registration fee equal to one months’ tuition, enrollment fee (if applicable), and the first month’s tuition.

Subsidized Tuition Model for Preschool and Primary

At its core, Escuela Adelante believes that a diverse student body makes a better educational environment for all students and staff. We believe that each student brings unique gifts that can be shared with other students. Those gifts might be language ability, cultural background, a skill that can be contributed or taught, financial resources, or something else. We implemented a subsidized tuition model to facilitate predictable, programmatic sharing of financial resources among students. Especially in San Juan del Sur, where there is such a range of economic circumstances across our community, we wanted to demonstrate that different levels of tuition represent equal financial sacrifice for different families. Thus, instead of offering “tuition breaks”, we carefully identified subsidy tiers that we hope align with our community’s needs and ability to pay. We engage in a rigorous process to allocate subsidy tiers, which can include a 1:1 interview with a student’s family.


We believe that through this model, we can build a student body that is dynamic, diverse, and fully enabled to learn – with every family making an equal effort to contribute to the education of their own children, and their children’s classmates.


If you have questions about our tuition model, we invite you to contact us via email, Facebook or drop by our school.

2024 Tuition Rates:

Subsidy 1$145/mes$165/mes$165/mes
Subsidy 2$75/mes$80/mes$80/mes

*Sibling Discount: 10% discount for siblings after first student in family

**Registration Fee: Amount equal to 1 months’ tuition

***Enrollment Fee: $500 for first student, $250 for subsequent, for international transfers (may be waived upon full payment of annual tuition)