Back to School


We hope you all enjoyed your December vacation!  Classes resume for primary on Monday, January 17.   We welcome preschool on Wednesday, January 19.


Why the Masks?


Hello families and Happy New Year!  Many families have been asking us whether we are still requiring that students, staff and visitors wear masks on campus in 2022.  For now, the answer is yes.  We continue to monitor the situation and do hope to move past masking, later this year.


We want you to know that this is not a decision we have come to lightly.  We have considered the open nature of much of our community.  We have considered the increased availability of vaccines.  We have considered the impact that masking has on the educational experience.


We have also considered that many, many members of our school community have not yet been able to secure a vaccine, and that access to medical resources and flexible employment options create a disparate impact of even a mild case of Covid-19 across our school families.  Increased travel and movement in and among our open community may also increase the likelihood of transmission, especially of the highly contagious Omicron variant. With respect to the educational experience, maintaining in person school with a healthy population is our highest priority. Masking can prevent transmission at school, which makes it more likely that we can keep our doors open and keep serving students on-site.  For these reasons, we ask that you bear with us.


Escuela Adelante has always been built on the basis of core principles: equity, inclusion, and accessibility.  In these times where disparate access to health care and financial flexibility can present an increased vulnerability to the health and financial impacts of a Covid-19 diagnosis for many of our families, we are asking our community to come together and remain true to those core principles. We thank you for your continued support.

Who Are We?

Escuela Adelante is the first and only bilingual school in San Juan del Sur. We teach an international curriculum in both English and Spanish, to a wide variety of students from San Juan del Sur and around the world. Our commitment to the highest quality combined with our unique tiered tuition model and highly qualified bilingual staff make top quality primary and preschool classes accessible to all students, across a range of cultures, language abilities, and financial circumstances. We invite you to explore our website, or contact us for more information or to arrange a live or virtual tour. Together, we can all move forward!