Our Staff




Wendys Lugo, Maternal and Preschool Level 1

Wendys considers herself an excellent leader with great interpersonal skills. She has experience working in many areas such as accounting, secretary, and she even has her own business. She served as a volunteer teaching with her church. She has two young children of her own and has loved teaching them as well.


Rachel Lloyd, Maternal and Preschool Level 1


Yira Prado, Assistant Maternal and Preschool Level 1


Luisa Lopez, Preschool Levels 2 and 3

Luisa Amanda Lopez Mora is originally from San Juan del Sur.  She enjoys athletics and has been with Escuela Adelante since its inception, in 2014.  Luisa is an experienced preschool teacher and is currently studying pedagogy at the Universidad Paulo Freire, where she recently completed her third year.   


Stefany Prendiz, Preschool Levels 2 and 3


Gabriela Guadamuz, Assistant Preschool Levels 2 and 3





Eliazar Garcia, 1st Grade


Mauricio Vargas, 2nd Grade, Music and Computers

Mauricio Alejandro Vargas, is originally from San Bartolo, San Salvador, El Salvador.  His friendly demeanor and love of public speaking brought him to a career in teaching.  He considers himself a very happy person with a positive attitude always, as well as a believer in God and in Christian values. He loves sports, especially football which is his favorite sport, as well as swimming and table tennis. One of his biggest passions is music.   He has been a part of his church band for many years, and now teaches his love of music at Escuela Adelante.  He is also a lover of language.  As well as his native Spanish, Mauricio has studied English and Portuguese.  He graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in education sciences with a specialty in the English language. 


David Torrez, 3rd Grade

Mr. David Antonio Torrez Pineda has vast experience in teaching with more than 10 years at levels of primary, secondary, Preschool, University, Private Bilingual Schools with various methods such as Montessori, Flipped, waldorf, virtual, conventional teaching, Education Program at a distance Youth and Adults Mayor’s Office of Tola, Teacher and Researcher, Curriculum developer Academia de Inglés Tola.

He is a Martial Arts practitioner, he likes to read books and his favorite color is Blue.


Isa Delgado Tijerino, 4th and 5th Grade

Isamar Delgado Tijerino is 28 years old. She was born and raised in Rivas. She works as a volunteer, Interpreter, English Teacher, School Coordinator, and personal tutor. Since She was a child she has always wanted to help others. She loves to encourage kids to follow their dreams and loves promoting the quality of education in our Nicaraguan schools. She wants to show her kids this year that learning can be fun, challenging, and creative. She believes every child should have the right to access to a quality education that challenges them to go beyond, to know themselves, and to also care about others.


Raquel de los Angeles Traña Solarzano, Assistant 4th and 5th Grade, Art and Dance

Raquel de los Angeles Traña Solorzano holds a Lic. in Pedagogy with an emphasis on educational administration.  She finished her studies two years ago at UPONIC University in Granada, but has been working with children for 7 years, after starting as a teacher’s assistant in a small school called Sacuanjoche.  She enjoys spending time with children, learning from them every day, helping them to be independent, and to express their emotions correctly.  Being a teacher has always been a dream and is a goal that she has finally achieved.  She hopes to continue learning more every day, meeting new challenges, new goals, and starting to study a master’s degree in Special Education.



Claudia Avendano, Kitchen Assistant

Claudia was born and raised in San Juan del Sur, and has been with Escuela Adelante since its beginnings in the Biblioteca Movil.  She has worn many hats at Escuela Adelante, and currently works to help us serve healthy meals from around the world to our students.


Elizabeth Ramirez Mendez, Janitorial

Elizabeth Ramirez Mendez is originally from Rivas, Nicaragua.  She is a single mother to a school age daughter, who is always working to move ahead for her daughter.  She considers herself a very honorable, creative person, who works hard and practices gratitude.  


Oswaldo Martin Solis Mora, Maintenance and Playground Supervisor

Oswaldo Solis is originally from San Juan del Sur, and is the father to a 14 year old daughter.  He comes from a large family who, for generations, have made a living as fisherman.  Before joining Escuela Adelante, he worked for the family business, preparing fish for shipment domestically and overseas.  He enjoys working to maintain the school facilities, and is always ready to help supervise the students or lend a hand to ensure their safety.  He enjoys serving his community and is always ready to lend a helping hand.


Gabriel, Gardener

Gabriel is born and raised in San Juan del Sur, and has a long history in organic gardening and permaculture.  Previously, he worked with Casa de la Tierra, and is working to help Escuela Adelante meet its goal of producing its own food for student consumption.


Manuel, Garden Supervisor

Manuel is a native of Masaya and has a long history in gardening, organic methods, and permaculture.  He serves as an advisor for our gardening program, supervising and coordinating our efforts to be self sustaining.


Martha Lorena Victor Tenorio

Martha Lorena Victor Tenorio was born in Nicaragua, but spent much of her childhood in Costa Rica.  She left school at the age of 18 to start a family, but resumed her studies in cooking and nutrition, where she specialized in soy based cooking and Nicaraguan cuisine.  Martha later volunteered for a non profit preschool, where she received supplemental education in the relationship between nutrition and psychology in early childhood, particularly among low income families.  She was the lead chef and kitchen administrator at a small healthfood restaurant in San Juan del Sur, cooking vegetarian food for yoga students and other patrons, prior to joining Escuela Adelante.