Our Staff


Marbelyn Pastrano

Maternal & Primary art teacher

Ana Gabriela Díaz


Francis Pizarro

Preschool Level 1

Keyla Larios

Preschool Level 2

Luisa Amanda López

Preschool Level 3

Luisa is a San Juan del Sur native with a passion for athletics and early childhood education. Since the inception of Escuela Adelante in 2014, she has been a cornerstone of our team, showcasing remarkable commitment to our mission. She is currently enrolled in pedagogy studies at the Universidad Paulo Freire (UPF), where she recently completed her third year. Luisa’s dedication to academic advancement and providing quality education underscores her pivotal role in shaping young minds at Escuela Adelante. 

Gema Caldera

Preschool ESL Teacher

Gabriela Guadamúz

1st Grade

Stefany Préndiz

2nd Grade

Raquel Traña

3rd Grade

Raquel holds a Bachelor’s in Pedagogy with a focus on educational administration from the Universidad Popular de Nicaragua (UPONIC) in Granada, Nicaragua. With over 7 years of dedicated experience working with children, she brings a wealth of expertise to Escuela Adelante. Her journey began as a teacher’s assistant at Escuela Sacuanjoche, where her passion for nurturing young minds flourished. Raquel delights in immersing herself in the world of children, relishing the opportunity to learn from them while guiding them towards independence and healthy emotional expression. Fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a teacher, Raquel is driven by a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth. She aspires to continue expanding her knowledge, embracing new challenges, and ultimately obtaining a master’s degree in Special Education.

Eliazar García

4th Grade

Oralis Escalante

5th Grade

Yubielka Carrero

6th Grade

Mauricio Valladares

7th Grade

Franciso Castro

Physical Education

Josette Garbanzo

On-site Psychologist

Administrative Staff

Martha Lorena Victor Tenorio


Martha was born in Nicaragua, but spent much of her childhood in neighboring Costa Rica. Despite leaving school at 18 to begin a family, Martha’s passion for cooking and nutrition led her back to the classroom, where she specialized in soy-based cooking and traditional Nicaraguan cuisine. Her dedication to holistic nourishment deepened during her tenure at a non-profit preschool, where she gained insights into the nexus between nutrition and early childhood psychology, especially among low income families. Prior to joining Escuela Adelante, Martha served as the lead chef and kitchen administrator at a health-focused restaurant in San Juan del Sur, crafting vegetarian fare for yoga enthusiasts and other patrons. Her expertise in nutritious cooking and her understanding of childhood development greatly enhances the culinary experience at Escuela Adelante.

Claudia Cortéz Mora

Kitchen Assistant

Claudia was born and raised in San Juan del Sur. Her journey with Escuela Adelante dates back to its inception within the Biblioteca Móvil. Over the years, Claudia has worn many hats within the organization, showcasing her versatility and dedication. Currently, she spearheads efforts to provide nutritious meals inspired by cuisines from around the globe to our students.

Elizabeth Ramírez Méndez


Elizabeth is originally from Rivas, Nicaragua. She is a dedicated single mother who tirelessly strives to create a brighter future for her child. With unwavering determination, Elizabeth embodies integrity, creativity, and a strong work ethic, coupled with a deep sense of gratitude.

María de los Ángeles Mondoy


Oswaldo Solís Mora

Maintenance and Playground Supervisor

Oswaldo is a proud native of San Juan del Sur and a devoted father to his 14-year-old daughter. Hailing from a long line of fishermen, Oswaldo brings a wealth of experience in his role at Escuela Adelante. Prior to joining the school, he dedicated his efforts to the family business, specializing in the preparation and shipment of fish both locally and internationally. Now, Oswaldo finds joy in maintaining the school’s facilities and ensuring the safety of our students. He enjoys serving his community and is always ready to lend a helping hand to enrich the educational experience at Escuela Adelante.

Adán Gabriel Guzmán


Gabriel, a native of San Juan del Sur, boasts a rich background in organic gardening and permaculture. Having honed his skills at Casa de la Tierra, he now dedicates his expertise to aiding Escuela Adelante in its mission to cultivate its own food for student consumption.

Eliezer Martínez González


Álvaro Martínez Torrez


Álvaro José Acosta Mayorga

School Bus Driver