TOEFL Program

TOEFL Preparation Course

Advanced Class for Ages 13-18

The Facts:

This program is designed for young people who have:

Successfully completed Programa Destino


Have an equivalent level of English language proficiency

The course runs over two years.

Classes meet Monday-Thursday for 1.5 hours each day


TOEFL Preparation Course is a program created to prepare students for the Test of English as Foreign Language based on the main abilities of English Language (Listening Comprehension, Grammar Structure, Reading Comprehension, Speaking Comprehension and Writing). Utilizing material to help students to approach the main skills, TOEFL Preparation Course train students to take their education to a more advanced level, preparing them to continue their superior education. There are two types of tests for students to take: TOEFL IBT and TOEFL ITP.


TOEFL iBT is delivered via the Internet. The TOEFL iBT test measures the ability to use and understand English at the university level. And it evaluates how well you combine your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills to perform academic tasks.

TOEFL iTP is primarily used for class placement, rather than admissions. It is an exam similar, but not identical, to the TOEFL iBT. It features three sections: Listening, Reading, and Structure and Written. The TOEFL iTP assessments share the same rich heritage as the TOEFL test — the world’s most widely accepted and respected English-language assessment. Institutions use TOEFL iBT test scores to make high-stakes decisions, such as university-level student admissions.


More than 35 million people from all over the world have taken the TOEFL® test to demonstrate their English-language proficiency. The average English skill level ranges between Intermediate and Advanced.

  • Students planning to study at a higher education institution
  • English-language learning program admissions and exit
  • Scholarship and certification candidates
  • English-language learners who want to track their progress
  • Students and workers applying for visas

Program Duration

This program is designed for young people aged 13-18 years who have successfully completed Programa Destino Plus, or who have an equivalent level of English language proficiency. The course runs over two years with approximately 95 weeks / 560 hours of preparation. It combines contents from The Heinemann Elt TOEFL Preparation Course, The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test and Cambridge TOEFL Preparation Book with audios, test simulation and exercises in the skills to cover, delivered 100% in English. Classes run four days per week for 90 minutes and are enriched by native English speakers in the classroom for a better comprehension of the areas to cover.