Programa Destino Plus

Intermediate/Advanced ESL (English as a second language)
Ages 9-13

The Facts:
Advanced language practice for students who have completed Programa Destino or are native English speakers.
Instruction Language: 90-100% English


Classes meet Monday – Thursday for 1.5 hours in the afternoon
Class time varies by level and age

Programa Destino Plus is a bilingual program offering pre-university academic courses across a broad range of subject matter. We teach math, science, literature, history and practical skills to students who also want to improve their English or Spanish language skills. Classes are designed to focus on subject matter based on day of the week, in coordination with the rest of our programs. Mondays we work with computers and language arts, Tuesdays we study applied mathematics and social studies with home economics, Wednesdays we work on presentation and empowerment through theatre, and Thursdays we study marine biology. We link each of these subjects together with a school newspaper, where students can record their learnings, work on interviewing skills, and report on local conditions including those affecting our oceans and environment.

Reaching New Heights in Academics

Programa Destino Plus exposes students to deep, interactive study of our natural and social world. We bring learning to life: subjects range from math to hard sciences to history, literature, art and music, and beyond. Students might explore the jungles surrounding San Juan del Sur to study weather patterns, the flora and fauna of our local ecosystem, or the impact of humans on the environment, or they might work in teams to master the artistry of a selected artist, poet, musician.


Subject matter is limited only by your imagination! Our programs take advantage of the dense cultural landscape of our community, the rich natural environment of Nicaragua, and the enthusiasm of our teachers and students.

Diversity and Inclusion Reap Rewards

Escuela Adelante was founded on the principle that a diverse student body makes a better educational environment for all students and staff. We believe that each student brings unique gifts that can be shared with other students. Those gifts might be language ability, cultural background, a skill that can be contributed or taught, financial resources, or something else. Like our Programa Destino Juniors program, Programa Destino Plus offers bilingual study, and is appropriate for any student who is proficient in either Spanish or English. We do recommend that students have at least a working knowledge of their non-native language. Let us know if your English-speaking child needs help building Spanish skills. We build our curriculum to allow for language building alongside learning the core subject matter, and select offerings to appeal to a broad range of students.