Adult English Education

The Facts:
There are 12 levels of Beginner & Advanced ESL
Level determined by exam

Our Adult Program is Currently Suspended Until Further Notice.  Contact us about adult english for business or call centers, which can be arranged on a case by case basis.

Programa Futuro

Programa Futuro is an adult English education program offered at Escuela Adelante in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The program is directed and taught by native United States English speakers providing a rare and unique opportunity for local Nicaraguans. The class materials include the essentials for learning English as a second language: grammar, vocabulary, writing, and speaking practice. In addition, the course is highly content based including material about current events, sciences, popular culture, and technology. Students are always given the opportunity and encouraged to share about their cultures and their lives offering intercultural communication. All costs are donation-based which allows students of all socioeconomic backgrounds the opportunity to study English at Escuela Adelante.

The program is designed for adults who wish to improve their English. The classes take place at night. This gives people with jobs the opportunity to study after they finish their work day. The course consists of 12 levels and runs over the course of 4 years. Students complete 3 levels per year. Each level lasts 10-12 weeks with 30 hours of in-class education and 20 hours of outside practice. Each level covers two units in the book, Soars, John, and Liz Soars. American Headway. 2nd ed., vol. 1, Oxford University Press. Students take a test at the end of each level. Once all twelve levels are completed, the student is considered a fluent English speaker. Continued studies will be required to reach native level.

Business Language Incentive Program

Do you have a local business with English speaking costumers? Have you ever hoped to have a way to improve communication between your employees and customers? If this is true, Escuela Adelante Business Incentive Program (PRONEG) is for you!


PRONEG is a small English group course with one of our qualified instructors created for local businesses and organizations. The terminology and vocabulary taught are specialized for business needs. The course is offered in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.


To maximize student learning, there are only typically 5 students in each class. This allows foe more fluid interaction between students and instructor and time for oral practice. PRONEG works with the business to determine course schedule and location to better serve the needs of the staff and business.


  • $30 per 1.5 hr. class (maximum 5 students)
  • Negotiable for companies with a social focus in the community of San Juan del Sur.

Included in the price of your course:

  • All materials including notebook and pen
  • A certificate of recognition for the business
  • A certificate of completion for each student
  • Recognition on our Web Site and Facebook Page of Escuela Adelante
  • Classes designed specifically for your business needs
  • Classes with highly qualified teachers